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Prabir Barooah
Associate Professor

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Florida


Contact information

email: pbarooah at ufl dot edu
phone: (352) 2940411
fax: (352) 392 7303

Mailing Address

MAE-B 330,
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,
University of Florida,
Gainesville, FL 32611

Brief biography:
Prabir Barooah was born in Jorhat, Assam (India). He received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2007 from the University of California, Santa Barbara. From 1999 to 2002 he was a research engineer at United Technologies Research Center, East Hartford, CT. He received the M. S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware in 1999 and the B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, in 1996. Dr. Barooah is the winner of the NSF CAREER award (2010), General Chairs' Recognition Award for Interactive papers at the 48th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (2009), best paper award at the 2nd Int. Conf. on Intelligent Sensing and Information Processing (2005), and NASA group achievement award (2003).

DiCE (Distributed Control of Energy systems) lab:
The focus of my lab is on developing control-systems solutions for energy and sustainability (see the Research and Publications pages for more details)

  • Smart Buildings: reducing energy use through real-time optimization-based decision-making
  • Smart Grid: "virtual storage" for intermittent solar and wind energy by using flexible loads such as buildings.
  • Distributed control of networked systems

Current Research Projects:

  • CPS: Synergy: Distributed coordination for a smarter and sustainable power grid” (NSF CPS, 2016-2019)
  • Methods for Dynamic Network Identification with Application to the Control of Smart Buildings (NSF CMMI, 2015-2018)
  • Virtual Batteries from smart loads (DOE GMLC, 2016-2018)

Past Research Projects:

  • CAREER: Distributed estimation and control for energy efficient buildings (NSF ECCS, 2010-2015)
  • Methods for Network-Enabled Embedded Monitoring and Control for High-Performance Buildings (NSF Cyber Physical Systems, 2010-2013, Collaborative GOALI with UIUC, Columbia University, and United Techologies)
  • GeoTrack: Target Localization and Tracking by Networked Layers of Unmanned Systems (2009-2011, U.S. Army Research Office/Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies)

DiCE Lab in the news:

Current graduate students

  1. Jonathan Brooks (Ph.D., 2012-)
  2. Naren S. Raman (Ph.D., Fall 2016 - )
  3. Tingting Zeng (Ph.D., Spring 2017 - )
  4. Austin Coffman (Ph.D., Summer 2017 - )
  5. Kendall Parker (Ph.D., Fall 2017 - )

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Lucas Murphy (Project title: Frontend development of an occupant feedback-based indoor climate control system )
  • Carlos Murillo (Project title: EnergyPlus simulation of occupancy-based HVAC control )

Former graduate students

  1. Yashen Lin (Ph.D., August 2014). Post-doctoral fellow, Univ. of Michigan (as of September 2015)
  2. Saket Kumar (M.S., May 2014). Controls Engineer, LHP Software (as of August 2014)
  3. Siddharth Goyal (Ph.D., August 2013), Winner of best dissertation award in the DSC (Dynamics, Systems, and Control) group, Mechanicaland Aerospace Engineering, 2014 . Staff Scientist, Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory (as of September 2013)
  4. Joseph Knuth (Ph.D., May 2013) Research Scientist, Numerica Corporation. (as of July 2013)
  5. Chenda Liao (Ph.D., May 2013), Senior Research Engineer, Nuance Communications, Inc. (as of June 2013)
  6. Rahul Subramany (M.S., May 2013), Senior Mechanical Engineer, Lutron Electronics, Inc. (as of June 2013)
  7. He Hao (Ph.D., Dec. 2012), Winner of best dissertation award in the DSC (Dynamics, Systems, and Control) group, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, 2013. Staff Scientist, PNNL (as of January 2015)

Past Undergraduate Researchers

  • Brandon Herrald (Aug 2016-May 2017, UF University Scholar ), project topic: Development of a low cost radiant temperature sensor.
  • George Armanious (Spring 2013-Spring 2014, UF University Scholar ), project topic: Commercial building HVAC fault detection through data analysis. Third prize winner in MAE Undergraduate Research Symposium for poster titled Economic benefits of implementing night-time setback control in campus buildings
  • Bryan Hood (2009-2011), honors thesis topic: Measuring Direction of arrival of Radio-Freq signals using an actuated parabolic reflector. Publications: Bryan Hood and Prabir Barooah "Estimating DoA From Radio-Frequency RSSI Measurements Using an Actuated Reflector", IEEE Sensors, Vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 413-417, Feb. 2011 (see publications for a copy of the paper)
  • Matt Goff (2009-2010), honors thesis topic: Error characterization in wheel-odometry based mobile robot localization)
  • Brody Huval (2010): honors thesis topic: Optimization of a Heating System Using Smart Meters and Dynamic Pricing

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