Technical Support

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The MAE Technical Support Office is responsible for maintenance, repairs and improvements of all departmental computers, networks and all related hardware and software. We manage the department websites, email server and SPAM firewall, the department servers, software licensing servers and the security of all networks and computers.

MAE Tech Support works closely with the College of Engineering MIS office, the UF CNS office and the UF IT Security office to insure that all computer related activities are done within the guidelines set forth by MAE, the CoE and UF CNS.

The MAE Technical Support Office is also responsible for all requests for after hours access to the MAE buildings, and the inventory for all incoming and outgoing departmental properties that are computer related issues.

Use the links to the left to make requests for support.

The MAE Technical Support Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM until 4:30PM excluding UF holidays.

The BEST way to submit a request for support is to use the forms found on this page in the left hand column. You may contact our office using This email will be sent to the entire Tech Support Team.