Microfluidics and BioMEMS Laboratory

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The group currently consists of 1 visiting professor, 1 research scientist, 1 postdoctoral fellow, 6 PhD students, 1 MS student, and 1 undergraduate student.


Group Picture in Oct. 2017


Future Group Members

If you like challenges, work diligently, and want to pursue a career path related to interdisciplinary research—the component likely leading to a successful career of this century—please send Dr. Fan an email to inquire about possible positions.

Former Group Members

Visiting professors:

Prof. Jongsung Kim from Kyungwon University (South Korea)

Prof. Wei Liu from Shaanxi Normal University (China)

Postdoctoral fellows:

Dr. Alexander Stoyanov (left in 2005 for Purdue University)

Dr. Jiyou Zhang (left in 2007 for Sichuan University)

Dr. Hong Chen (left in 2008 for Xiamen University)

Dr. Ke Liu (left in 2012 for nanoRETE Inc.)

Dr. Xin Xu (left in 2013 for Columbus Police Department Forensic Laboratory, MS)

Dr. Linda Zheng (left in 2014 for California)

Dr. Chun-wei Wang (left in 2017 for a Startup in Gainesville)

Graduate students:

Carl Fredrickson (left in 2006 for Spirit Aerosystems)

Brent Lutz (left in 2006 for Convergent Engineering)

Champak Das (left in 2007 for SFC Fluidics)

Qian Mei (left in 2007 for US Genomics)

Zheng Xia (left in 2008 for Arryx Inc.)

Karthik Pitchaimani (left in 2009 for GE Healthcare)

Ruba Khnouf (left in 2010 for Jordan University of Science & Technology)

Pan Gu (left in 2012 for Intel Corp.)

Weian Sheng (left in 2013 for Intel Corp.)

Chris Cassano (left in 2014 for Harp Engineering, then Sandia National Laboratories)

Shancy Augustin (left in 2014 for Univ. of Minnesota, then Achira Labs Pvt. Ltd.)

Kirsten Jackson (left in 2015 for POC Medical Systems)


Cesar Moreira (Left in 2008 for UF graduate school)

Undergraduate students (from MAE, BME, CHE, ECE, ABE, etc.):

Fernando Tavares, Ryan Ferguson, Matt Bennett, Andrew Simon, Corey Walker, Joey Wilson, Amanda Arsenault, Matt Goff, Daniel Olivero, Austin Gispanski, Ben Chapman, Navid Shahrestani, Holly Frost, Jeffrey Henkin, Harvy Freitag, Ashik Arefin, Zaid Syed-Ali, Sydney Shaouy, Lauren Miller, Teodor Georgiev, Anna Gams

High school students:

Zach Foster, Cliffton Verno, Michael Fogel, Bob Zhou, Darius Ajabshi, Nikhil Banda, Sandeep Sreerama